The non-profit,Madison Vipassana, Inc., offers residential and non-residential meditation retreats for Madison Insight Meditation Group.

Ayya Medhanandi, May 21-24, 2017,Pine Lake Camp, Westfield, WI (residential)

*Janice Cittasubha Sheppard, October 5-8, 2017,Pine Lake Camp, Westfield, WI (residential)

*Ajahn Sucitto, July 14-23, 2018, St. Anthony Spirituality Center, Marathon, WI (residential)

*Rebecca Bradshaw, October 4-7, 2018, Pine Lake Camp, Westfield, WI (residential)

PLEASE NOTE:*means that registration is not yet open.Registration materials will be posted on this website and sent to our email list approximately 8-10 weeks prior to the retreat. Please do not email to ask about registering before materials are posted. Information on how to join the email list so you will receive notice of when registration does open, is on ourcontactspage.

OTHER RETREATS in the region:

Common Groud Meditation Center,2700 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406, (612) 722-8260

Twin Cities Vipassana Cooperative also offers retreats in eastern MN and/or western WI. For details visit

About Madison Vipassana Retreats

All of our retreats are in "noble silence" and consist of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and Dhamma instructions. They are suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators. Clear and simple instruction will be presented throughout the retreat. At residential retreats a longer discourse on the dhamma will be presented each evening. Retreats are held in silence except for question & answer periods when meditators ask questions of the teacher, either through submitted written questions, or in small group interview sessions. Sitting meditation periods of 45 minutes will alternate with periods of walking meditation throughout each day. Details about fees are provided with the information posted when the retreat registration opens.

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