Together on the Path to Peace

Madison Insight Meditation Group offers activities in Madison, Wisconsin and the central Mid-West providing opportunities for the practice of vipassana meditation in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and access to the teachings of the Buddha. In addition to three weekly meditation sessions, a monthly introduction to the practice, and a bi-monthly half day meditation, we publish a periodic newsletter to notify people of our meditation retreats, offer introductory and continuing meditation classes, and sponsor monthly Kalyana Mitta study groups for individuals wanting to study and discuss dhamma. If you are interested in these or other activities of Madison Insight Meditation Group please look through these webpages or contactus.

You do not have to identify as a Buddhist to learn and practice this style of meditation or to benefit from or participate in our activities and events.  Our activities are attended by people with varying levels of training and experience in  meditation. What we have in common is an interest in practicing the Buddhadhamma to bring greater ease and happiness to ourselves and others. 


We practice meditation in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism as developed in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.  Insight meditation, or what the Buddha called the practice of samatha-vipassana, is a practice to develop calm through sustained awareness of a meditation object, (frequently the breath) and to develop insight through mindful observation, investigation and reflection.  There are thousands of excellent resources on insight meditation on the web. You might want to begin with this Introduction to Insight Meditation and also review the many articles, audio links, and other resources on our links pages.

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