Meditation Classes

2017 Dates

#1 Training the Mind: Introduction to Meditation

taught by Janice Cittasubha Sheppard

April 15, 22, 29, and May 6
3:30-5:30 pm
9638 Shadow Ridge Trail, Middleton, WI

This four week class will introduce the basic principles of breath based meditation as outlined by Gotama Buddha 2,560 years ago. The skill of meditation offers us a way to train the mind and cultivate ease, clarity, kindness and awareness in our daily lives. Participants will learn techniques for formal sitting, standing, and walking meditation as well as informal practices to establish and cultivate joy, open-heartedness, kindness, balance and wisdom in any moment and as we go about our daily life.

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NOTE: The practices and ideas presented in each series are progressive. Attendance at the prior class is assumed in what is presented at each subsequent class. Those able to attend the complete series are most able to benefit and develop their practice. Participants are asked to register only if you believe you will be able to attend all sessions, in order to enhance your own comprehension and to build group cohesion for the benefit of your fellow students.

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Class Fee: In keeping with the Buddha's intention and instruction, the teachings are offered on a dana or generosity basis. There is no pre-established fee for the classes. Dana is the Pali word that is generally translated as generosity.Danais based upon the Buddhist tradition that the teachings are priceless. Janice offers these classes freely, as part of her Dana practice, to those with a sincere interest to learn.

In turn, students may offerdanato her in appreciation for hearing and learning the teachings.Dana is a joyful practice that brings happiness to our own hearts. True generosity is not a moral obligation, an egocentric gesture, or payment for services rendered. Nor is it an action taken with the expectation of receiving something in return like fame, praise or recognition of any kind. When practiced with mindfulness, giving generously is an opportunity to develop the qualities of kindness and compassion, while learning to "let go" of our attachment to concerns like the desire for acknowledgement, material acquisition, and attention. Dana is a way to express our individual appreciation to a teacher and of expressing one's gratitude for the Teachings and the unbroken lineage that began over 2,558 years ago with the Buddha himself.


#2 Clearing the Path: Meditation in Context

by Janice Cittasubha Sheppard

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9638 Shadow Ridge Trail, Middleton, WI

This continuing meditation class builds upon the introductory class and is intended for those who have an established meditation practice. Participants should have a basic understanding of breath meditation, be comfortable meditating for 20 minutes, and be meditating frequently.

While the introductory class (Training the Mind: The Skill of Meditation) offers the strategies and techniques for training the mind, this continuing class (Clearing the Path) focuses on the foundational teachings of the Buddha so you can better understand the benefits and reasons to sustain your practice. The Buddha's teachings provide many lists for cultivating the path to the end of suffering. This class will introduce teachings on the Middle Way, The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path, the Five Precepts, the Five Hindrances, and the Five Subjects for Frequent Recollection, as well as others. Each class will include a short period of meditation. This class suggests how to be"Clearing the Path"to peace by developing and investigating the mind with greater intention and understanding.


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